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Protect your share of retirement assets with a QDRO

During the course of your marriage, you and your husband worked very hard to build a solid financial foundation. But, now that you are considering divorce, you will have to split the assets you have spent years accumulating and growing. For instance, you have to decide how to handle your Honolulu home. You can keep the house, take a fair amount of assets in exchange for letting your soon-to-be ex keep it or sell it and split the proceeds.

What assets are separate property in a Hawaii divorce?

For many high-income couples headed toward divorce, predicting the likely outcome of the asset division process is important. After all, how can you plan your future if you don't have any idea how your financial situation will turn out after the divorce? The courts consider many factors, including child custody and support, spousal support and both spouses' incomes when dividing assets. They attempt to secure a fair and equitable distribution of your assets.

Do you need to worry about hidden assets in your Hawaii divorce?

For many couples going through a divorce, the division of assets can prove to be the most difficult aspect of the process, other than arranging a parenting plan. Especially in situations where there is a dramatic discrepancy between the income of spouses, there may be stark disagreements about what is a fair way to divide assets, including the equity in your home and even your retirement account.

Are there hidden assets you need to locate for your divorce?

In many divorces, the most contentious issues relate to money and children. It is not uncommon for one spouse to attempt to hide significant assets from the other. The motivation is almost always keeping them out of the courts when you divorce. If your divorce is contentious and your spouse is angry, you should consider the possibility that there could be assets that you don't currently know about.

What factors impact child custody in a Hawaii divorce?

If you're considering getting a divorce in Hawaii, you may find yourself worried about the potential outcome. Maybe your spouse makes way more money or he or she has stayed home with the kids for years. Will that impact the outcome of you child custody case? If you have reason to believe your spouse will not work with you to find an amicable solution to custody, the courts will make the decision for you.

The importance of child support in a Hawaiian divorce

Getting divorced is a difficult process. If you weren't expecting it, getting served can be a shock. You could come home and realize that your spouse has left, taking your children. Other times, you'll be the one who's expected to find somewhere else to live. Suddenly, you're only seeing your children on the weekends and even worse, you have to pay a chuck of each paycheck toward child support. It often doesn't feel fair.