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August 2017 Archives

The importance of child support in a Hawaiian divorce

Getting divorced is a difficult process. If you weren't expecting it, getting served can be a shock. You could come home and realize that your spouse has left, taking your children. Other times, you'll be the one who's expected to find somewhere else to live. Suddenly, you're only seeing your children on the weekends and even worse, you have to pay a chuck of each paycheck toward child support. It often doesn't feel fair.

If you earn more, will that impact asset division during divorce?

Getting divorced can be a messy and frustrating process. It can be incredibly difficult to separate your life and finances from your spouse after having entangled them so completely during the marriage. After all, if you made more money, it's likely that your spouse was regularly using your income for household purchases and other necessities.

How do assets and debts get divided in a Hawaii divorce?

Getting divorced is stressful and unpredictable. You and your spouse may not agree on terms for your divorce. If you can't compromise and figure out how to fairly separate from one another, the courts can help. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement or feel able to set and follow specific terms for asset division, the judge that presides over your divorce will determine how your assets get divided.