Is Family Law Mediation The Path For Your Divorce Or Custody Matter?

One of the aspects of divorce that many people rightfully dread is the idea of airing private family business in divorce court. This painful, expensive process can be largely avoided when divorcing spouses arrive at their own divorce settlements outside of court. Settlement negotiations sometimes accomplish this goal, but there are often major points of disagreement that make this option ineffective. Couples who want to avoid a full-blown court trial often turn to mediation to resolve disputes.

Sheila Vierra

Family law mediation may be the right path for you and your spouse if you:

  • Have points of disagreement
  • Want to resolve your domestic disputes out of court
  • Want to resolve your legal issues in a more timely manner
  • Want to save time and money
  • Want to avoid having a Family Court judge decide the terms of your divorce
  • Prefer to keep family matters more private

The Family Court has a Volunteer Settlement Master program to assist parties with mediation in their divorces. The Senior Family Court judge appoints experienced family lawyers, who volunteer their time to assist parties with limited issues in mediation. Attorney Sheila Vierra is one of many Volunteer Settlement Masters. Her experience has equipped her to prepare clients for the mediation process. She knows what will likely happen if divorcing parties make unreasonable demands. She can coach you accordingly if this is the route you take to reach a divorce settlement.

Preparing well for mediation does not just mean rehearsing procedural technicalities. Divorce lawyer Sheila Vierra helps clients weigh their priorities against laws and legal precedents that are likely to affect the outcomes of their cases. Determining what is most important to you is a key part of mediation planning.

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