Achieving An Equitable Division of Property That Is In Your Best Interests

Assets that you brought into a marriage and kept separate may not be part of the marital estate. Other assets such as inheritances or gifts received during the marriage may also not be divisible between the parties in the divorce. Understanding the difference between marital separate property and marital partnership property is the first step in the process of dividing property in every divorce in Hawaii. Sheila Vierra in Honolulu is available to guide you through this process effectively.

As you prepare for divorce in Hawaii, you will need to do a complete inventory of your and your spouse's assets, including:

  • Bank accounts, investment accounts and other financial accounts
  • Retirement accounts, including pensions, 401(k) savings accounts and more
  • Real estate, including the marital home, second homes, time shares, commercial properties, and investment real properties
  • Business interests and other investments
  • Household goods and other belongings, such as furnishings, tools, collectibles and other valuables

The prospect of dividing all assets can seem daunting. An experienced family law attorney such as Sheila Vierra can streamline the process for you. Division of debts may apply. If a dependent spouse will lose health insurance upon divorce, a divorce decree may include provisions for payment of that person's health insurance. Spousal support (alimony), if applicable, is typically determined along with asset division.

Negotiations, mediation or litigation will determine the terms of your divorce. A personalized case evaluation will allow you to progress through the asset division aspect of your divorce efficiently. Ms. Vierra is prepared to help protect your property rights as you prepare for divorce, whether you have been a breadwinner or homemaker. If both of you have held jobs or owned businesses, she can take all relevant factors into account while guiding you through the necessary legal steps toward divorce.

Know Your Property Rights As You Prepare For A Hawaii Divorce — Contact Sheila Vierra In Honolulu

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