Managing Your Hawaii Divorce With Confidence

Sheila Vierra

No one ever said marriage would be easy — and divorce can be the hardest part of a failed marriage. People generally enter into marriage with hopes of happiness and mutual support through life. With time, however, about half of marriages end up in divorce when discord gets the upper hand.

Once a divorce is in the works, disagreements over how to divide property and share parenting can become the next hurdle to overcome on that path to a new chapter in life. A skilled, experienced family law attorney can be the badly-needed steady voice of reason during a turbulent time.

How Will You Resolve Disagreements In Your Hawaii Divorce?

Many couples approaching divorce believe they agree on terms of property division and child custody or only have minor disagreements to resolve. They sometimes contact Sheila Vierra saying they need a lawyer's help to complete a do-it-yourself divorce. This is rarely all there is to it. Further discussions usually reveal key areas left to be resolved, such as division of retirement assets or disposition of the marital home and/or other real estate, investments or business interests.

Other people approach divorce knowing there are major disagreements. They realize they need legal advice to get through and beyond divorce. At the same time, each party may be determined to "win" something that matters a great deal to them. Emotions can run high and divorcing parties can find it difficult to stand back and consider the big picture objectively.

Whether a divorce is uncontested or contested, terms of asset division and if applicable, spousal support (alimony), child custody and/or child support will require resolution of the disputes. A divorce settlement can be reached by one of these means:

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation
  • Litigation and trial

Sheila Vierra is prepared to customize an approach appropriate to your circumstances. Call 808-206-9103 or send an email message to schedule a consultation.