About Sheila Vierra, Attorney At Law, LLLC

Divorce is a major life event, affecting spouses' identities, family structure and financial statuses. The central legal aspect of every divorce is property division. Hawaii divorce lawyer Sheila Vierra has built a strong reputation for her skillful handling of complex property division, including division of retirement assets. Other family law attorneys in the Honolulu area often ask for her help to prepare QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders to divide retirement assets) for their own clients.

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Serving All Ages And Income Brackets

Located in Honolulu, Sheila Vierra serves clients in the metro area and throughout Oahu. Sheila Vierra's clients include a wide variety of people from all socio-economic backgrounds. She offers representation in connection with a range of family law issues, including divorce, property division, retirement division and QDROs, child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, paternity, guardianship, adoption, post-decree enforcement, modifications and restraining orders.

Accepting Cases Begun Elsewhere

Have you started a divorce, but see serious flaws in what has been achieved so far? It is not uncommon for people with faltering divorce cases started elsewhere to turn to Sheila Vierra in an effort to move their cases forward. A review of a problematic settlement offer may reveal that assets have been hidden or undervalued. Other cases may lack a complete inventory of retirement assets or ignore the issue of health insurance for a previously dependent spouse. These are just a few examples of the challenging areas in which lawyer Sheila Vierra skillfully advises clients approaching divorce.

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